Picket Fences

picket fence

“Lifestyle design” has been a hot topic for a number of years now. With advances in technology, the growing acceptance of “mobile workforces” and ROWEs, it really is becoming ever easier for people to carve out a unique lifestyle all their own (he writes, from a cave in Spain). Here of some of our favorite books on lifestyle design:

Nothing matters until they feel they do: Top books on culture fit

Why Bother

A lot of the work we do is around “soft skill development”; communication skills, leadership, problem solving, accountability, etc. These are important skills in the 21st Century, no question. In my experience though, it’s almost a complete waste of time to try to develop these traits if you don’t have one crucial ingredient already…

The Gen Y Job Interview Challenge


Instead of offering advice on how to interview Gen Y candidates, I thought for a change I’d focus on the other half that asks questions during an interview – the candidate. I bet recruiters out there have all sorts of anecdotal stories about the crazy questions Gen Yers ask in job interviews. While these stories might be amusing, surprising or simply shocking, if you make an effort to actually look beyond the literal question to identify the real theme or concern, some questions […]

My favorite 7 thinkers on business growth

business growth

As we continue our expansion into new markets through the recent explosion of our Actionable Consultant Program, I’ve been speaking a lot with people lately about scaling up a business. Certainly, with new technologies and networks springing up every day, it’s never been easier for businesses of all sizes to cross geographic boarders and tap into new markets. But, like most things, just because you…