Three elements of a tribe

3 elements of a tribe

Being a part of a tribe is almost always exciting for us, in a way that being a part of a company sometimes is not. So what’s that all about? My take is that it’s probably the last piece – the “connected to an idea” part – that is so engaging. That forward momentum that comes from a shared vision of something that’s not quite reality, but within the realm of possibility.

Ideas over identity. And a new podcast.

21st Century Workplace Podcast

When you launch a podcast, you have a couple choices. Frequency. Length and format of episode. Theme.

A lot of podcasters are rabidly focused on interviewing “the name” (ie. Simon Sinek). They want to use it for promotional purposes, and they hope the well-followed “big names” out there will…

How Would You Sell It?

Brain Dump

“What’s the next thing you want them to do, and what’s the absolute smallest amount of information you could give them in order to make it happen?” This is the topic of discussion I’ve been having with a sales-focused group of our Actionable Consultants*. We’re appreciating that we (all of us) have a tendency to talk too much. To try to explain too much. Whether it’s a first email, a first sales meeting or the third, way too often we try to […]