The eye of the storm

eye of the storm

There’s a very good chance that you’re a busy person.  I know this, because you have a pulse.  We all have more to do in the average day than we have hours available, and (despite wishful thinking), there’s no real indication that that’s going to change.  We have work demands, family needs and the inevitable fires that crop up when they’re least appreciated. So what do we do? I see there being two options for us to consider. 1.  We […]

Picket Fences

picket fence

“Lifestyle design” has been a hot topic for a number of years now. With advances in technology, the growing acceptance of “mobile workforces” and ROWEs, it really is becoming ever easier for people to carve out a unique lifestyle all their own (he writes, from a cave in Spain). Here of some of our favorite books on lifestyle design:

Nothing matters until they feel they do: Top books on culture fit

Why Bother

A lot of the work we do is around “soft skill development”; communication skills, leadership, problem solving, accountability, etc. These are important skills in the 21st Century, no question. In my experience though, it’s almost a complete waste of time to try to develop these traits if you don’t have one crucial ingredient already…