Can a book club really change your life?

We don’t just read business books. We apply them to our lives, monthly.

Introducing The Most Actionable Book Club (EVER!), a professional mastermind for writers who value business books, community, and accountability.

If you’re ready to apply actionable takeaways to your life while also improving your writing skills and building relationships with some of the coolest writers we know, you’re ready for The Club. Apply by May 15, 2015.

Praise for the Actionable Book Club

"I’ve had a goal for years to read a book per month. By joining the Actionable Book Club I’m realizing that goal and more. Great experience with great people!”

Barak Strickland, Member Since January 2015

"I love the monthly virtual discussions with other club members on the books they’ve read and the lessons they’ve learned. I always come away with ideas I can implement and I am more deliberate about actually applying the ideas that resonate with me. Great reading, great conversations, great ideas. What more could you want from a book club?”

Dianne Coppola, Member Since January 2014

"Actionable Book Club (ABC) has been a rewarding experience so far. There is no downside. I like reading business books and writing. With ABC, I get a chance to do both and share the experience. It also ties into my work giving me support and accountability where it matters most.”

Ingrid Urgolites, Member Since January 2015

"Being part of the Actionable Book Club has been a marvelous experience. Not only has writing the summaries deepened my understanding of what I’ve read and learned, but being part of this great and supportive group has been wonderful and something I look forward to.”

Karina Mikhli, Member Since January 2015

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Top Business Books

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