Creating Connection, Community and Compassion at Work

Early on in my career I remember getting my first performance review in my new role as an HR manager, and was shocked when I was told that I would never be successful in human resources as long as I continued to “wear my heart on my sleeve.” I was told that I needed to toughen up, stop getting so personal with those under my care, and not personalize my job. I was then informed that I was too sensitive. Wanting […]

The Performance Principle — Author Interview with Mackenzie Kyle

Mackenzie Kyle, an operations and process improvement expert and experienced consultant, gives us a great business fable in his latest book, The Performance Principle: A Practical Guide to Understanding Motivation in the Modern Workplace. The book starts with Will taking on an ailing business in his hometown so that he can be home more and not always traveling. We meet his family and children, his senior management team, and his secret weapon: Martha, his “consultant” and his wife’s grandmother. Through […]

It’s Your Time to Adopt A 21st Century Leadership Mindset

I wrote Our Journey to Corporate Sanity for anyone who is ready to participate in a journey of exploration and co-creation for a higher purpose. It is especially for those who want to become 21st century leaders who create new opportunities instead of being stuck in old ways of problem-solving and blaming, and who understand that trust, community, and relationships are the keys to this era. Those who are participating in this journey want to learn how to transform themselves and […]

3 Books for Effective Behavior Change

In the week leading up to January 1st, many people start to think about changes they would like to make and goals they would like to achieve in the year ahead. Personally, I spend the week in a whirlwind of family and food, followed by a few days curled up with some fiction and lamenting my eating and drinking decisions from the previous few days. In past years, I’ve made sweeping declarations about massive lifestyle changes (that I admittedly failed […]

Hot Topics — Our Best Books, Posts, & Podcasts From 2016

As we move into the final weeks of the year, it’s a great time to pause, reflect, and regroup for the year ahead. To help you with this process, we have curated a list of our most popular posts on These summaries, blog posts, and podcast episodes are all a great place to start to help you create bigger impact in 2017 than ever before In 2016 several common themes emerged: a focus on developing coaching skills, treating happiness […]