Courageous Leadership — Author Interview with Angela Sebaly

Angela Sebaly was as a senior leader in various industries and then took the courageous leap to becoming an entrepreneur when pregnant with her first child. The result, her business Personify Leadership, has allowed her to not only live life on her own terms but to also spend the last decade developing thousands of leaders all over the world. We sit down with Sebaly to discuss her book, “The Courageous Leader”.

How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition by Challenging Everything

Many of the business tools we have relied on for decades no longer work in a world where incremental improvement is not enough to stay in business, let alone succeed in it. We need new processes, new methodologies, and new ways of thinking if we are to become one of the disruptors, rather than one of the disrupted. One of the most promising and powerful of these new approaches is red teaming—a system developed by the military and intelligence agencies after 9/11 to help organizations stress-test their strategies, challenge their assumptions, and make better decisions.

Be a Human, Not a Robot — Author Interview with Mark LeBusque

In his book Being Human: Why Robots Are Not the Answer, Harvard trained consultant Mark LeBusque advocates a more human approach to leadership. You may think that’s something you’re already doing, but how often are you rewarding robotic behavior like blindly following policy? Or merely hitting the numbers? Or what about punching in and out on the dot? Promoting this kind of behavior is a happiness drainer, and in the book LeBusque offers seven steps that he says are absolutely necessary to “rewire your management style” to a decidedly more human approach. We had the opportunity to sit down with LeBusque and pick his brain about some of the terrific ideas in his book.

How to ensure your business has the right meeting rhythm

The key to great management, whether your staff are local or overseas, virtual or in your workplace, is regular communication and a good meeting rhythm. You need to think of these meetings like the pulse of your business. If it’s not beating regularly and rhythmically, then inevitably you’ll get an unhealthy system.