Getting more done in less time


A lot was made in the news recently about the new six hour workday that many CEOs are implementing in Sweden. So many of us struggle to get everything done in eight; how the heck could lopping off two hours increase productivity? According to Linus Feldt, the CEO of Filimundus, a Swedish app developer, the eight hour workday is broken. “I think the eight-hour workday is not as effective as one would think,” says Feldt. “To stay focused on a specific work task for […]

Making Traction actionable


Our first author blog post is by Justin Mares, one of the co-authors of Traction. Justin and Gabriel Weinberg have had extraordinary success self-publishing their book. In this post, they’re going to break down how they sold 37,617 copies of “Traction”, and managed to land a six-figure publishing deal with Portfolio Penguin, all by making their own book actionable.

Embracing the F word


The F word has been cropping up a lot lately. Failure. (Just what word did you think I was referring to?) As John C. Maxwell says, “Mistakes can often be our best teachers.” Here are a few tips from Maxwell, Richard Branson, Lewis Schiff and more to help you not only embrace failure, but indeed learn from it. Failing better Failure is so inevitable that there was even an entire volume published to help you fail better. “The right kind of failure instructs, […]

Our best career hacks


We’re all working to get ahead and blaze our own unique career path. Here are our some of our all-time favourite career hacks from a handful of the business world’s most eminent authors to help you do just that. Making lemons from lemonade This piece of advice comes courtesy of Jeff Goins in The Art of Work. Very few of us start off in our dream job right away or, conversely, we start a new job we’re enthusiastic about but learn quite […]