The best of Daniel Pink


Daniel Pink is a man who requires no introduction. His five books, including A Whole New Mind, To Sell is Human, and Drive, have sold a whopping two million copies worldwide. We’ve culled four of his best tips on business, work and behaviour. Finding Flow The idea of Flow comes from Pink’s runaway bestseller, Drive. To thrive in the modern workplace we need a mixture of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Autonomy is defined as “freedom in how you complete a task,” Mastery as […]

Cheating on my Kindle


I have a confession to make. I’m a cheater. For the past three or four years I’ve read books almost exclusively on my Kindle. I wasn’t exactly an early adopter, but when I finally broke down and got one I was quickly seduced by the ease and convenience of it. I marveled at how something so small can make carrying around a stack of books a thing of the past. (I wish I had had one while in school; as […]

How to Become a Modern Day Inventor

How to Become a Modern Day Inventor

Companies are looking for your ideas. To keep up with the global demand for new products, they actually need them. Open innovation is thriving in our increasingly connected world because it makes sense: At the same time that companies are able to lower their R&D costs, they increase their chances of finding that next great idea. There are also more tools at makers’ hands than ever before. All of which is to say: It’s an exciting time to be a creative person. Limit risk by following these steps.

Do you eat business books for breakfast?


If the Actionable Books community has one overarching quality that unifies us all it’s a voracious love of business books. The Actionable Book Club takes that passion to another level. Our members love them so much that one might say we eat them for breakfast (and lunch and dinner!) It’s this passion for ideas—and most important of all, applying these ideas to our lives—that has made the book club resonate with our members. I hold the ABC (as we so fondly call it) […]

Consensus Age Selling: 5 ‘Collective Learning’ Habits to Win Consensus – and Close the Deal

Author Guest Blog with the authors of The Challenger Customer

Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon, authors of the bestselling book The Challenger Sale, are joined by Pat Spenner and Nick Toman for The Challenger Customer: Selling to the Hidden Influencer Who Can Multiply Your Results. In this blog post they define Collective Learning, why it’s so critical in the current climate of B2B selling, and outline the five major behaviours that indicate that it’s happening. In a world where some 5.4 stakeholders shape the average B2B sale,  CEB research reveals something surprising: the statistically significant drivers of […]