The Unintended Consequences of Managing Performance

08.26_GP Joe Ungemah

A tug of war is underway between practitioners who rely upon big data and those who look to restore balance in the employment deal. Over the past few years, the debate about the value of performance management has intensified, to the point where some have questioned whether it has any place in the future of talent management. Joe Ungemah, author of “Misplaced Talent”, discusses the unintended consequences of managing performance.

Celebrating our all-stars

08.22_all stars

We hope you get a lot of value out of the book summaries we post almost every week day. What you may not know is that they’re written by a dedicated team of volunteers who have a passion for knowledge and who like to pass on what they glean from the books they read so others’ can benefit, too. I wanted to take a moment to celebrate some recent milestones in our Actionable Book Club community.

The Best of the Coveys


For ardent business book lovers, the name Covey carries a lot of cachet. Stephen R. Covey was one of the world’s foremost leadership experts. He was named one of TIME’s 25 Most Influential Americans and his masterpiece, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has sold a staggering 20 million copies… so far. His son’s resume is equally impressive. Stephen M. R. Covey is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who has challenged our beliefs about […]

Your Summer Reading List


There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes with crossing another title off your summer reading list. All of that great new insight that you’ve gleaned; the pile on your bedside table that was precariously close to falling over getting shorter by the week. Wait, what? You haven’t created a summer reading list yet?! That’s okay. We may be in the dog days of summer, but there’s still plenty of time and it’s well worth doing. Here’s why…

Reintroducing #BizBkChat

08.02_BizBkChat 2

It’s a mission of ours here at Actionable Books to bring business book lovers closer together. (Just think of us as a dating site for voracious business book aficionados without the, uh… dating.) That’s why we’re excited to announce the reintroduction of #BizBkChat. That’s right. We’ve dusted off the cobwebs, made a few tweaks and we’re ready to start discussing the latest books hot off the presses as well as all of your old favourites.