Write the boss a letter


Walking back from lunch I overheard a great conversation between two graphic designers, one worth sharing.
One of the two designers, was fairly new to the world of freelancing. The other guy – the guy who had (presumably) been at it a while longer than his friend – had a strategy he used to stay focused and productive in the world beyond the 9-5.

You Don’t Have to be Working


In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey wrote about the power of shifting your language from “have to” to “choose to”, thereby owning your decisions.

So “I choose to go to work” becomes a positive reinforcement of intentional choice.

But what about “work”? I’ve found there’s power in

Double vision


The inimitable Jim Collins has brought us a sizeable number of terms and models over the years. From his classics like The Hedgehog Concept, The Right People on the Bus and Level 5 Leadership to his more recent ideas of The 20 Mile March and Bullets over Cannonballs, Collins-isms are common place in the general business lexicon of today.
One of my personal favorites, though, is one referenced less often – that of The Stockdale Paradox,