12 Ways to Get Results Without Losing Your Soul

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A Rigged Game? “You can’t be in last place!” Joe shouted, and immediately winced as he saw Ann’s exhausted eyes begin to tear up. Later in his office, Joe admitted: “She didn’t deserve that. She’s a newly promoted director working long hours in a fast ramp-up. The problem is, we’re out of time. The business plan called for us to be profitable in six months, and it’s been over a year, and we’re not even close. My VP keeps calling […]

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It’s an exciting time at Actionable. Since bringing on my business partner, Will, a little over a year ago, we’ve been swiftly positioning the brand (and it’s various tools for improving the world of work) to be a global player in the Learning and Development space. A couple of the highlights: We’re on the very precipice of launching a rebuilt, re-envisioned and more powerful version of Actionable Workshops (under the improved and infinitely more accurate moniker, Actionable Conversations) A new branding […]

The Actionable Interview with Patrick Lencioni

The Actionable Author Interview with Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencoini, the bestselling author behind such classics as The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Advantage, has returned with a new book, The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate the Three Essential Virtues. The books offers “a practical framework and actionable tools for identifying, hiring, and developing ideal team players.” Lencoini lets us in on how humble, hungry and smart can transform your organization.

The best way to land new customers? Serve Before You Sell

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One of the most common questions the authors of “Selling Vision” get from salespeople and sales leaders is, “What can we do differently to improve our prospecting efforts?” The answer lies not in increased call activity levels, not in search engine optimization, and certainly not in buying those e-mail lists you get offered in spam messages. Surprisingly, the answer comes down to age-old human wisdom: serve other people before expecting them to do something for you.

The Art of Good Customer Service

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I have something I need to get off my chest. Recently I had a terrible customer service experience that left me feeling cold. It’s something we’ve all experienced at one time or another—I certainly haven’t been immune—but this time it felt different and I want to tell you about it.