On a monthly basis, I spend a day on strategy and planning for the following 30 days. I map out my priorities – my “quadrant 2″, important-but-not-as-urgent tasks that I want to make sure receive the proper attention in the busyness of the days ahead. But what exactly is “proper attention”?

Inclusion vs Perfection


At our leadership offsite last month, we kept hammering the importance of creating more opportunities for community members (you) to connect; both with the authors we love, and with each other. There are exceptional people in this little tribe of ours and the Actionable Leadership Team is almost fixated on…

What I learned from a purple cow

Being Remarkable

Hi! It’s Andy here. As Actionable’s Managing Editor and Community Manager we may have interacted on social media. I decided to take advantage of Chris being away this week to hijack post on the blog. At Actionable we really try to walk our talk. For the past few months we’ve been running¬†Actionable Workshops internally. Once a month or so the team will convene¬†online (we all work virtually) and try one of the workshops we offer. Last week I stepped up […]