How to lead the Simon Sinek way


Simon Sinek is a self-described optimist. The author of just two books—Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last—Sinek has made a huge impact on the world of leadership. We’ve curated a few of our favourite takeaways from the man who’s made it his mission to “teach leaders and companies how to inspire people.” The prerequisite for leadership Frequently, as Sinek points out in his 2014 book Leaders Eat Last, individuals are promoted to leadership positions because they’re able to complete tasks well. They can […]

How to read more this summer


Are you falling short of your goal of making reading part of your regular routine? With so many other things taking precedence in our lives, it’s not hard for reading to get short shrift. However, we’ve got just the antidote to that is guaranteed to help you to be more deliberate about your reading this summer and beyond.

The Purpose of Work

05.09_GP DanPontefract

Should there be joy in our jobs? Can work ever fulfill our lofty expectations? Will a sense of purpose ever come to fruition in our roles while working? Dan Pontefract, the author of “The Purpose Effect”, weighs in.

12 Ways to Get Results Without Losing Your Soul

05.02_GP Multiauthor

A Rigged Game? “You can’t be in last place!” Joe shouted, and immediately winced as he saw Ann’s exhausted eyes begin to tear up. Later in his office, Joe admitted: “She didn’t deserve that. She’s a newly promoted director working long hours in a fast ramp-up. The problem is, we’re out of time. The business plan called for us to be profitable in six months, and it’s been over a year, and we’re not even close. My VP keeps calling […]

We’re hiring


It’s an exciting time at Actionable. Since bringing on my business partner, Will, a little over a year ago, we’ve been swiftly positioning the brand (and it’s various tools for improving the world of work) to be a global player in the Learning and Development space. A couple of the highlights: We’re on the very precipice of launching a rebuilt, re-envisioned and more powerful version of Actionable Workshops (under the improved and infinitely more accurate moniker, Actionable Conversations) A new branding […]