Author Profile — Daniel Pink

The first episode of Kevin Kruse’s excellent new leadership podcast, LeadX, featured Daniel Pink. Pink talks about how he optimizes his life for productivity while working from home, how to pursue passion without giving up your day job (yet), why he gives out his email address freely (and responds to everyone who emails him), and balancing work and life effectively. After listening to this podcast, I went on a mission to to learn more about Pink and his work (with […]

4 Books I Can’t Wait to Read

Every year, there are too many great books published to keep up with (or too many to read while doing those other pesky things like working, sleeping, eating, etc.). One of the great perks of my job is reading the excellent summaries that are produced by our dedicated book club members—I get to experience what they read vicariously and benefit from the big takeaways they have from their books. However, sometimes I get a bit of FOMO, and want to […]

David Burkus Wants To Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Who wouldn’t want to be more productive? Unfortunately, for so many of us, it’s so easy to fall back on old habits, to go through each day just trying to keep up with the to-do list, without questioning our routines. David Burkus has compiled an ebook of productivity hacks to help you optimize your workday, and get more done without working longer hours. He surveyed a variety of experts and thought leaders for their top tips—and the result is a […]

Beyond Books—Our Favorite Actionable Content

In September of 2016, Actionable launched three new public websites, and the Actionable Conversations Platform. In fact, my first day working at Actionable was the same day that the team launched these projects (I like to think it was a great day for me, and for the Actionable universe). Since then, we’ve published some great content that we’re really proud of. Although Actionable Books is the origin of the company, we’ve grown and evolved to embrace new audiences online (and […]

3 Books for Effective Behavior Change

In the week leading up to January 1st, many people start to think about changes they would like to make and goals they would like to achieve in the year ahead. Personally, I spend the week in a whirlwind of family and food, followed by a few days curled up with some fiction and lamenting my eating and drinking decisions from the previous few days. In past years, I’ve made sweeping declarations about massive lifestyle changes (that I admittedly failed […]