051— Creating Great Choices

“Knowledge upon which you cannot take action is barely worth having at all.” Full disclosure: here at Actionable, we are huge fans of Roger Martin’s work. Not only has he been named the #1 management thinker by Thinkers50, but his work has helped to frame many of our internal project and strategy discussions. We are delighted to host Roger for a conversation about his latest book, Creating Great Choices: A Leader’s Guide to Integrative Thinking. Roger shared his thoughts on […]

050 — Becoming a Professional Mind-Maker-Upper

Phil Jones noticed that in large groups of people, particularly in commercial scenarios, with all things being equal (skill, capabilities, resources), some people are just way more successful. He realized that the key differentiator was that top performers knew exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to make it count. These “magic words” of influence are the basis of his new book, Exactly What to Say

049 – Embracing Your Onlyness

In her previous books, Nilofer Merchant has taught us how to “create business solutions through collaborative strategy” (“The New How’) and has shared the “11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era”. Now she’s back with a new tome, “The Power of Onlyness”, and such luminaries as Susan Cain, Amy Cuddy, and Dan Pink are already singing its praises. Its premise is this: the Internet has been the great leveler, demolishing hierarchies and giving all of us, regardless of our status, a platform to spread our message and change the world—as long as we embrace and harness our “onlyness”, that one thing that sets us apart from everyone else.

048 – What’s Your Leadership ROI?

What's Your Leadership ROI?

We’re delighted to welcome Mike Figliuolo, author and founder and managing director of thoughtLEADERS, on The 21st Century Workplace Podcast. With his first book, “One Piece of Paper”, Figliuolo helped us craft a simple and robust leadership philosophy. With his sophomore effort, “Lead Inside the Box”, co-authored by Victor Prince, Figliulo shifts his focus to “how smart leaders guide their teams to exceptional results”, which we discuss on today’s episode.

047 – Turning Everyday Insights Into the Next Big Thing

Turning Everyday Insights Into the Next Big Thing

In her new book, “Hunch”, Bernadette Jiwa explores the creative dearth that our distracted society is creating. She examines “innovation icons” like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk for the common trends they share. But then, and this is the exciting bit, Bernadette shows example after example of “ordinary geniuses”—people like you and me —who are creating their own breakthrough innovation, leveraging a simple set of practical tools that we can all benefit from.