014 – Growing Through Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but why are we so reluctant to talk about them? Jessica Bacal sought to redress the balance with her bestselling book, Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong. During our 35 minutes with Jessica we touch upon:

  • What inspired Jessica to approach successful women to share their mistakes
  • Are there differences between the way men and women at the top lead their teams?
  • How do men and women differ in the way their careers shape their identity?
  • What is the glass cliff and what does it mean in the workplace?
  • Are women starting to break free from the confines of gendered cultural conditioning?
  • How do we create an environment that allows teams to share their mistakes?

Discover why if you have a growth mindset it’s easier to approach mistakes as learning moments.

Actionable Quote
“They need to hear that successful women aren’t perfect.” —Jessica Bacal [Click to Tweet]



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