043 – The New Norm of Career Pivots

The longitudinal path that we used to follow of a 30 year trajectory of climbing the corporate ladder is dead. Now, it’s all about the Pivot. Today our good friend Jenny Blake, author of PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, joins us to discuss this very topic. During our lively 40 minute chat, we touch upon:

  • Why a Pivot is Plan A, not Plan B
  • Is the word ‘career’ dead?
  • Should we throw out the five year plan?
  • The Pivots Jenny has made
  • The four stages of the Pivot Method (Plant, Scan, Pilot and Launch)
  • Why ‘how’ is a dangerous word to use too early in the Pivot process

So, what’s your next move going to be?

Actionable Quote
“Pivots can be large or small… within your role, within your business. Not all pivots have to be drastic.” [Click to Tweet]

PIVOT summary
Pivotability Index – What’s your Pivot IQ?

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