044 – Bubbles of Belief

We all cruise through at least part of our days on autopilot: we take the same route to work, walk the same way to the grocery store, respond to emails without thinking about them, and make assumptions about the people we interact with. Today we are joined by Dave Gray, best-selling author of Gamestorming and Liminal Thinking, for a wide-ranging discussion of the deeply (and often unconsciously) held beliefs through which we all view the world. Dave chats about the Bubbles of Belief that frame our habits, and how we can disrupt our habits to create new paths to creative thinking. In this episode of The 21st Century Workplace, we discuss:

  • Bubbles of Belief: how we can identify and disrupt them
  • Simple strategies for overriding autopilot
  • Why change is only possible in the present
  • How to disrupt negative cycles of expectations, or Doom Loops
  • Taking ownership of complicity in negative cycles
  • Forcing behaviour change in others by interrupting routines

This conversation will leave you with some simple and effective strategies to disrupt your routines and create opportunities for creative problem solving. How will you be creating space for Liminal Thinking?

Actionable Quote
“Simply changing your own behaviour often is enough to shift a negative pattern in a new direction.” [Click to Tweet]

Liminal Thinking Summary
How to Disrupt Yourself, Dave Gray Actionable Guest Post

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