040 – Who’s Responsible for Employee Engagement?

Who's Responsible for Employee Engagement?

Dan Pontefract is man who is passionate about employee engagement. His new book, The Purpose Effect: Building Meaning in Yourself, Your Role and Your Organization, is a followup to 2013’s Flat Army. Today we’re talking about culpability—more specifically, who’s responsibility it is to develop a more engaging environment for employees, and how employees can feel more engaged in the work that they do. During our conversation we Dan, we discuss:

  • The importance of mature conversation around purpose—and why learned helpless happens when they don’t occur
  • Finding the elusive and ever-changing sweet spot as an employee in an organization
  • How networking can help you find your sweet spot (your network is your net worth)
  • The two major factors of feeling connected at work (culture and purpose)
  • Why you get incredible results when you relinquish power to your team

Discover how prioritizing purpose can play a massive role in fostering engagement in the workplace.

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“We are becoming less engaged and less satisfied at work and in life. So where is the culpability?” [Click to Tweet]

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