041 – Hiring Ideal Team Players

Bestselling author Patrick Lencioni has returned with a new book, The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate the Three Essential Virtues. The three essential virtues are humble, hungry and smart, and when they work together the result is an ideal team player. It’s a simple but powerful model, and particularly pertinent to us here at Actionable because we’re currently in the midst of hiring (so forgive us if the conversation veers in that particular direction!). Some of the things we touch upon during our chat with Pat includes:

  • Unpacking the three virtues of humble, hungry and smart
  • How nontraditional interviews can help us discern who is humble, hungry and smart
  • The importance of not only helping a new team member find the right job, but also the right fit
  • Being transparent about your workplace’s culture and values
  • Why you need to not only live the culture, but codify it as well

Ultimately it’s about having real, human conversation. The success of relationships and our organizations depend on them.

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