006 – Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand with Srini Rao

How do you draw a line in the sand and define the people you want in your tribe? Srini Rao, author of “The Art of Being Unmistakable” and creator of the Unmistakable Creative podcast, is our guest for the third installment in our look at building a tribe.

005 – Project Based Tribes

Project Based Tribes with Seth Godin

It takes a village to build anything of note. In the second installment of our look at building a tribe, we couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to join us than the inimitable Seth Godin, author of “Tribes” and many other classics. In this candid and illuminating interview, Seth discusses the importance of tribes in helping spread your ideas.

004 – Tribes and Quests

Tribes and Quests with Chris Guillebeau

How do you find meaning in an information saturated world? In the first of our three part look at building a tribe, we are joined by Chris Guillebeau, whose latest book, “The Happiness of Pursuit”, is currently burning up the charts. Chris discusses the nature of tribes and quests and how to leverage both.

003 – Professional Risk Taking

Professional Risk Taking with Paul Jarvis

Why aren’t more of us engaging in work that we’re truly passionate about? Most often the answer to that question is fear. In the third episode of our look at doing work that matters, we are joined by consultant, web designer, and prolific writer Paul Jarvis, author of five books, including “Everything I Know”.

002 – Blending Work and Play

Blending Work and Play

How do you strike that elusive balance between work and play? Or is it more about blending the two? In the second episode of our look at doing work that matters, we talk to Kim Hansen, Chief Technology Officer of KwameCorp, and an expert at life optimization and engineering a daily flow that works for him and the people he works with.