046 – Becoming Pre-Suasive

We were delighted to welcome Dr. Robert Cialdini, the “godfather of influence,” to The 21st Century Workplace, to talk about his new book “Pre-Susausion”, a Revolutionary way to Influence and Persuade.

045 – More like Yoda, Less like Superman

Part business book, part memoir, “Good Authority” by Jonathan Raymond is a model for applying effective leadership tactics. Leaders have the tendency to disempower their teams by offering quick solutions (they Superman a situation), instead of creating space for team members to solve problems on their own (like Yoda).

044 – Bubbles of Belief

Today we are joined by Dave Gray for a wide-ranging discussion of the deeply (and often unconsciously) held beliefs through which we all view the world. Dave chats about the Bubbles of Belief that frame our habits, and how we can disrupt our habits to create new paths to creative thinking.

043 – The New Norm of Career Pivots

The longitudinal path that we used to follow of a 30 year trajectory of climbing the corporate ladder is dead. Now, it’s all about the Pivot. Today our good friend Jenny Blake, author of “PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One”, joins us to discuss this very topic.

042 – Simple Strategies for Boosting Happiness

We’re excited to welcome Neil Pasricha onto The 21st Century Workplace podcast. Pasricha is the author of the wildly successful Book of Awesome series, and in creating his latest, “The Happiness Equation”, has inadvertently written his first business book, one he describes as the “IKEA manual for happiness” for both your personal and professional life.