Step Into The Spotlight! A Guide To Getting Noticed

“’Cause ALL Business Is Show Business!” 

Tsufit, author of the award winning book Step Into The Spotlight!, is “on a mission to bring color to business, by helping entrepreneurs and ‘the suits’ step into the spotlight and get noticed”. Her book is a fast-paced, entertaining read filled with personal anecdotes, quotable quotes, and director chair sidebars (connecting show business to business).  Tsufit invites celebrity into the business world and advocates “you are good enough to be the star of your own business. But you have to step into the spotlight, or no one will ever know.”

Tsufit, a lawyer-turned-comedy performer-turned-marketing consultant, lives in the “spotlight” herself and reveals her secret to attracting new clients as instinctively knowing that “ALL business is show business!”. Her book is really about sharing her own life, story, and experiences, and, in turn, helping business people release their own inner “star” power.

Originally, I learned about Tsufit by taking one of her online webinars about how to write your own book and Step Into The Spotlight! through public speaking. I’m a fan. As a business person, with a background in comedy performance myself, it seemed like a natural fit and still does. She does an incredible job of “walking the talk” and being the living embodiment of what brand awareness can create, and continually manifest, through a personalized and entertaining approach.

So, how do you step into the spotlight?

Golden Egg

Understand: The Biggest Challenge for Any Business is Getting Noticed!

“What is Show Business? It’s a story. That’s what the business script is missing. The story.”  

Step Into The Spotlight, page 103

Once you understand the positioning, audience, and brand, of your business, Tsufit encourages you to become a “storyteller” for your company. You can employ your “own language…own way of speaking and…own lines” to create the “scripts, speeches, presentations, seminars, and infomercials” that will help create awareness, or seduce your customers, since all “business is a seduction”. As Tsufit says, “which would you rather be? Batman or Robin? You know Robin’s never going to get his own show”. This book is about connecting your business to your personal story to create interest and attract customers.

Your company, your brand, is really a reflection of who you are and your unique personality. Everything about your business is also about you and your story and “stories create intimacy. They’re captivating. And they create a connection between you and your audience. But most importantly, they keep people interested”. Creating a personal, and compelling story, may seem daunting – putting yourself out there can feel scary and too personal.

How do you create a captivating story? 

GEM #1

The 30 Second Infomercial

“If you can’t say what you do in 30 seconds, you won’t be able to say it in 30 minutes either.” 

 Step Into The Spotlight, page 135

Tsufit offers a clear outline of steps to take to create your 30 second infomercial, in clear language:

You gotta:

  1. Figure out what you’re selling,
  2. Observe who your audience is,
  3. Dig around for your story,
  4. Connect your story to what you’re selling and
  5. Find a dynamic way of telling it.

She even provides examples of (often humorous) 30 second infomercials to get you started like:

“Congratulations. Your marketing efforts have finally paid off. Bill Gates is flying in to meet with you in the boardroom of your corporate head office. Only problem is that your boardroom is your kitchen table. Do you wipe the spaghetti stains off the wall where the kids threw it last night? Or do you call me, Jane Dane, and rent a fully furnished boardroom by the hour and still have enough money left over to pick up a pizza for the kids on the way home?

Jane Dane, Metro Executive Suites.”

The bottom line: You need to “connect your story to what you’re selling” and “always speak in your own voice”. Show your unique personality.

GEM #2

If you’re not having fun, fuggedaboutit!!!  And the bonus is: fun sells

“You’ll shine when you find what you were meant to be doing. When you have the right what, the how is easy!”

Step Into The Spotlight, page 264

Tsufit gives more valuable advice on how to add your own personality to your speaking engagements, and she also has an entire (and worthwhile) chapter on publicity, including the real secret of getting good publicity which is to ask for it. In the end, her advice to make sure you have fun resonated with me. Because, if you are not happy, how can you truly be effective at anything? So, with creating a business life filled with happiness in mind, here are Tsufit’s Seven Steps to Stardom:

  1. Develop and define your persona, your role.
  2. Figure out what you’re really selling.
  3. Dig for your story and add some color.
  4. Connect your story to what you’re selling.
  5. Figure out what to say and how to say it.
  6. Access your “Inner Chutzpah.”
  7. Go for it! Step into the Spotlight!

If you are interested in learning more about how to Step Into The Spotlight! I suggest you read this book. Then, connect with Tsufit through the many channels she has created to build her own personal brand – all great templates for you as you build your own brand awareness. I mentioned a few at the start of this summary, like Facebook and LinkedIn. Tsufit also has a variety of coaching, workshop, and book creation sessions to explore. Check them all out here.

In the comments below, let us know…

How you plan to Step Into The Spotlight!?


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