Why bringing (real) value brings long term clients

Published on
February 10, 2014
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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Providing your clients with value – real value that they are currently looking for and can actually use – is hardly ever about showcasing the features and benefits of your products.

Let me explain.

Two summaries this week – APE and Content Rules – both explore, in detail, the importance of providing your audience with fresh, relevant, timely content that will make their lives easier. Neither one is about marketing spin to make your product the answer to the client’s needs. Why? Namely, because when you’re trying to sell your offering as the solution to their challenges, they will be (understandably) skeptical.

As consumers, we’ve built up a resistance to the “wonder drugs” being hawked at every corner. In the words of Jeffrey Gitomer, “nobody wants to be sold. But everyone loves to buy.” So it stands to reason then that a solution to your prospect’s problem (or at least a part of it) needs to be free to generate trust. You need to show them you genuinely care about helping make their lives easier. If you can do that, then you’ve likely bought some time to introduce them to your paid offerings.

Our Actionable Consultants get this. Many of them will use our Actionable Workshops content as a free lunch ‘n learn, or free public session to provide value, offer solutions to specific pain points and generally build good will. We help them build targeted follow up strategies and non-pressure “awareness” campaigns as well, but it all starts with building trust. With bringing real value.

So that’s my question, I suppose – does someone need to open their wallet for you to help them? Or do you make a concentrated effort to bring value for free; no strings attached?

Speaking of the Actionable Consultant Program, applications are now open. If you’re a high functioning coach, consultant or facilitator who believes in the importance of workplace culture and are looking for a new way to expand your practice, learn more at www.actionablebooks.com/consultants.