Don Brown

Don Brown

Don Brown is the owner and founder of Situational Services, Inc., a training and development company dedicated to improved leadership and influence effectiveness for its clients. With over thirty years working in the industry, Mr. Brown is heavily experienced in all phases of major performance systems implementation, from assessment and design to bilingual facilitation.

Working with customers such as Anheuser-Busch, Dell Computers, Ford Motor Company, US Airways and United Airlines, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Jaguar Cars, Compuware Corporation, SYKES, and Hilton Hotels, Mr. Brown is accustomed to working domestically and internationally across all functional disciplines.

Prior to founding Situational Services Incorporated in 1989, Don was Vice President of the Center For Leadership Studies. In this position, Don worked for Dr. Paul Hersey and was instrumental in the development of Situational Leadership ® – Interactive Videodisc Instruction and Situational Leadership®-Leveraging Human Performance. Don is also a founding developer of the Vision to Results concepts and products. Along with Dr. Hersey and Ron Campbell, Don has in recent years authored the highly successful training programs Leadership In A Team Environment, Situational Service® – Customer Care of the Practitioner, Situational Selling® – Creating Readiness to Buy, and Performance Readiness™, and continues to work hand-in-hand with Dr. Hersey and the Center’s staff.

Currently, Don is finishing up writing “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – In Sales Either!” with Marshall Goldsmith and Bill Hawkins.

Mr. Brown is bilingual, having earned an Honors Degree from MichiganStateUniversity in foreign languages, and a Masters in Management with Dr. Hersey at California American University. Don also lived and studied at the University of Seville in Spain, and works regularly in Europe and Latin America.