Secret Sauce

I’m often asked how I’ve been able to secure interviews with some of the top business book authors of our generation.  So here’s the scoop; the secret sauce on getting interviews with brilliant, busy people: I asked them. Shocking, I know.  There’s really nothing more complicated than that.  A few people never replied to my emails.  One author politely requested that we reschedule in 2014 (yes, really).  But, by and large, the people I’ve been reaching out to have been […]

52 changes

A little over four years ago, I took an a project that changed my life.  The goal was simple: Read 52 business or personal development books in 52 weeks. Apply a single idea from each book to my life. Effectively reinvent the way I interact with the world through 52 behavior or attitude changes. Actionable Books, Actionable Workshops, The Salaried Entrepreneur and everything else that now consumes my life professionally is a derivative of that special project.  My life is […]

Companies don’t evolve

I was at a fascinating workshop last week called, Innovation as a Biomimetic Process. Don’t let the fancy name concern you. Basically, it was a session comparing corporate (and personal, for that matter) innovation to the evolutionary development of a species.  Having never taken a biology class past high school, I found some of the evolutionary stuff fascinating.  More than the actual science though, was the framing of how we look at the evolution of a species.  Here was my quotable […]

Sometimes it’s just cool.

So, follow this with me, if you will:   1.  I recently reached out to a very cool blogger named Willie Jackson, just to say hey.  (took me 90 seconds) 2. Because Willie is a self pronounced Seth Godin fan (as am I), I made reference in the email to an interview I recently conducted with Seth. (5 seconds) 3.  Willie decided watched the interview and, about three minutes in (from what I can tell), he tweeted about it.  (3 […]