Inclusion vs Perfection

At our leadership offsite last month, we kept hammering the importance of creating more opportunities for community members (you) to connect; both with the authors we love, and with each other. There are exceptional people in this little tribe of ours and the Actionable Leadership Team is almost fixated on…

It’s going to happen

There was a point though – a couple of weeks ago – where I seriously started to wonder how it was all going to get done. Breathing into the proverbial paper bag, I almost convinced myself that I wouldn’t get it done. That I’d show up to one of those events completely unprepared and be booed off stage; forever branded as a fraud and a failure…

You Don’t Have to be Working

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey wrote about the power of shifting your language from “have to” to “choose to”, thereby owning your decisions.

So “I choose to go to work” becomes a positive reinforcement of intentional choice.

But what about “work”? I’ve found there’s power in