Three elements of a tribe

3 elements of a tribe

Being a part of a tribe is almost always exciting for us, in a way that being a part of a company sometimes is not. So what’s that all about? My take is that it’s probably the last piece – the “connected to an idea” part – that is so engaging. That forward momentum that comes from a shared vision of something that’s not quite reality, but within the realm of possibility.

What we can learn from startup culture

Startup culture Reaper

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of startups — the passion, belief and herculean efforts that individuals put forward regularly when they’re working in an early stage company.  It’s not the exception, it’s the norm.  It’s appreciated.  But normal. So far, I haven’t found any studies on the “engagement levels” of startup team members (I’m still looking, if you happen to have any), but I have to imagine they’re high.  Like, high-high. (Scientific, I know.) But seriously, all you […]

The eye of the storm

eye of the storm

There’s a very good chance that you’re a busy person.  I know this, because you have a pulse.  We all have more to do in the average day than we have hours available, and (despite wishful thinking), there’s no real indication that that’s going to change.  We have work demands, family needs and the inevitable fires that crop up when they’re least appreciated. So what do we do? I see there being two options for us to consider. 1.  We […]