The Daily Decision

daily choices

There’s certain pieces of advice that just stick with you.  For me, one that resonates over and over is from Steven Pressfield (I think it was from Turning Pro).  And it’s this (loosely paraphrased): “The difference between being an amateur and a professional is that professionals do the work even when they don’t feel like it.” We all have bad days.  Low energy days.  Days where we feel more like doing, well, anything other than the work we know we […]

The Salaried Entrepreneur mindset

Salaried Entrepreneur Characteristics

About 4 years ago, on the heels of a series of interviews with top business book authors, I started throwing around the term “Salaried Entrepreneur”.  The concept was simple – entrepreneurship is a mindset, not a compensation structure. The idea of challenging the unknown; building and creating in service to a particular market is universally beneficial.  I think Gen-Y instinctively gets this.  The generation’s resistance to the status quo, and driving desire for a deeper purpose in everything they do is core to […]

The tools to create

Anyone who creates has their tools. Their space. Carpenters have files, chisels, saws and hammers.  Their workshop.  Graphic Designers have software, touch-pads and display screens. Their studio. And you, well, you have your office. Your place of business is like a fully stocked workshop.  An artist’s studio. I firmly believe that if you work in an office, you have all the tools, space and equipment you need to build your masterpiece.  The technology.  The people.  The physical space and the […]