Layering on “The Tribe”

This week’s summary of Rework (article written by new guest writer Bryann Alexandros) talks about the freedom of starting; of taking what little you have and making a go of it.  It’s a summary of getting started despite not having a perfect plan, a giant pile of cash, or a “dream team” in place.  As a boot-strapping entrepreneur myself, I applaud the sentiment and couldn’t agree more.  However… There’s something magical about finally getting traction with the tribe.  Last week I had […]

Tinted Transparency

Big buzzword of the last few years:  “Transparency”.  Big question – how do you define the word? The challenge is, some people have a skewed view of “transparency”.  My top five on what transparency is not (despite what you might see in your own organization): Answering a question truthfully, knowing that the person wasn’t actually asking the right question. Announcing the truth, but weighting it in such a way that it could be misunderstood on the receiving end. All doom and gloom. […]

The Box is Dead. Long Live the Box!

The following article was first shared in spring 2011 issue of The Art of… Magazine. Of the $4.3 Billion in quarterly profit that Apple reported for 2010’s Q4, over $1 Billion came from iTunes sales.* Seth Godin’s latest book Poke the Box encourages provocation – challenging long held beliefs or accepted practices.  Seth (and others) suggest we need to re-examine our “boxes” and relish the opportunity to reinvent them.  I’m looking forward to reading it because, personally,  I think the […]

Q&A I recently hosted re. “The Actionable Literacy Project”

Over the course of 2010, I travelled around North America, sitting down with leading business and personal developement authors to discuss the ideas from their most recent books. The Actionable Literacy Project was 13 months in the making, spread over 7 cities and made possible thanks to the generous authors and their dedicated staffs. With the permission of the authors, we compiled the interviews into a DVD and companion booklet that sells for $25. 100% of the profits (roughly $20/DVD) are being donated to Room to Read; an organization dedicated to spreading global literacy.

A Fresh Start, a New Focus

It’s serendipitous, really. Through the last three years of reading business books, interviewing business book authors, and working with teams of various sizes, I’ve come to realize that the teams that are succeeding these days are the teams comprised of innovative individuals, who seek out and solve interesting problems, maintaining a sense of passion for their work, and respect for their clients and team mates. I’m calling this mentality The Salaried Entrepreneur, and I’m realizing now