Getting Away

I worked remotely last week, heading up the family cottage for a change of scenery.  It wasn’t a vacation.  I replied to emails, I kept all my phone-based meetings and, by and large, only those most intimately connected to the business knew I was gone.  There were some perceived downsides – the internet at the cottage is a small step-up from dial-up, limiting how much time I could spend online.  Cell signal is limited meaning I was calling clients from […]

Dead Until Further Notice

I’ve used this expression for years and never really thought anything of it.  Guest writer Joel Canfield called me out on it last week and it got me thinking. When you decide not to move forward with something, you have a couple choices: You can put it “on the back burner”… where it still occupies a piece of your brain and distracts you from that which is more important. You can kill it.  Completely.  Delete all related files and wipe […]

You can do anything

In reading last week’s Actionable Summaries of The Charisma Myth and Imagine, I was reminded of something fairly powerful.  We can do just about anything.  We can get better at almost everything. Think about it – charisma and creativity – two traits that can seem almost magical when realized, and in these two books we learned real ways to develop both.  Sally Hogshead did it with Fascinate, too. The question we need to consider is not if we can improve at something, […]

6 degrees?

I live in a city of over 3 million people – a stat that always pops back into my head when I come across yet another connection of two seemingly unconnected people in my network.  It’s remarkable to me how I seem to constantly be running into people who know someone else I know – someone I’ve worked with, socialized with, or even just met in passing.  Even in a major urban market, it really is a small world. Which […]

Caution: Effort Required

If you’re caught in a fast flowing river and you need to get out, you need to swim like crazy.  Most of us can appreciate that – trying to go in a different direction than the forces around you requires effort. Choosing and pursuing your own career path is no different, of course.  We operate in a world designed to have you flow through a certain path in life:  go to school, graduate, take an entry level job, work your […]