Wide or deep?

The end of the year is probably my favorite time of a business cycle.  Regardless of your true fiscal calendar, something about the calendar rolling over from one year to the next gives cause for pause, reflection and planning.  For me, one of the big things to ponder this year’s end is direction of growth for 2012. If there’s one big lesson that I’m taking away from 2011 it’s that you can grow deeper or wider, but trying to do both […]

“I’m a great number 2”

So said a friend of mine when I suggested she jump full time into a new idea she’d had.  She was referring, as you might have gathered, to the traditional “#2” role of the detail person in an entrepreneurial team; the person who works along side the passion driven, eccentric entrepreneur and turns the ideas into an actual business. Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak. Bill Gates had Paul Allen. Jim Balsillie has Mike Lazaridis Oprah has Gail. and so on. I have […]

Enter the Danger

In recent interviews with Patrick Lencioni and Cameron Herold, both gentlemen insisted on the importance of “entering the danger”; identifying the potentially awkward situations, and getting a conversation started.  Immediately. “Entering the danger”, for me, is about more than conversations.  It’s about shining a light on any dark corners of your mind.  Any place where doubt, uncertainty, or misconception could hide and flourish.  “Entering the danger” is about saying, “Ok, it seems as though my mind may be running away […]