3 Books for Effective Behavior Change

In the week leading up to January 1st, many people start to think about changes they would like to make and goals they would like to achieve in the year ahead. Personally, I spend the week in a whirlwind of family and food, followed by a few days curled up with some fiction and lamenting my eating and drinking decisions from the previous few days. In past years, I’ve made sweeping declarations about massive lifestyle changes (that I admittedly failed […]

Elite Minds — Author Interview with Dr. Stan Beecham

Dr. Stan Beecham, sport psychologist to many Olympic and collegiate athletes, knows what it takes to succeed and has been able to translate this winning mindset and approach to the business arena. In his book Elite Minds: How Winners Think Differently to Create a Competitive Edge and Maximize Success he shares with us how “mind over matter” is actually real, and therefore success begins in our head. What all winners have in common is an unconscious belief in themselves and in […]

Our best career hacks

We’re all working to get ahead and blaze our own unique career path. Here are our some of our all-time favourite career hacks from a handful of the business world’s most eminent authors to help you do just that. Making lemons from lemonade This piece of advice comes courtesy of Jeff Goins in The Art of Work. Very few of us start off in our dream job right away or, conversely, we start a new job we’re enthusiastic about but learn quite […]

Our top 5 time management tips

It’s mid-September and our schedules are already filling up fast after the summer lull. (I know, I know. Many of you are asking “What lull?”) All of us want to squeeze just a little bit more out of each day by managing our time more effectively. To help you out we’ve culled these five tips from some of our all-time favourite time management books to help you do just that and make this fall your most productive yet.