Lessons from 2013’s Top Summaries

The two most popular summaries this year were Anything You Want and The Power of Habit.  (Nice work, Parin & Jill!) After rereading these two great pieces I was re-inspired, for two reasons: First off, the content is a fabulous reminder that almost everything in our lives is in our control.  And, if the actual event isn’t, our response to it is.  As we all look towards 2014 and all its shiny, untarnished potential, I think it’s important to (re-)establish the firm mental […]

Cautious Optimism

level headed

Where’s the balance between confidence and hubris? I’m a fairly passionate person.  I see a little bit of traction on something and I can get, well, excited. I mean, this was the way it was supposed to go, but still.  When it happens – even starts to happen – it’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? Here’s the challenge I wrestle with in these circumstances – that balance between confidence and hubris.  Confidence is good.  Showing the team that you believe in what’s […]

You’re so lucky

My wife and I are moving to Spain for a year, starting in just over a month. It’s amazing to me how the number one comment I get (typically from people I don’t know) is “You’re so lucky!”  I’ve learned to smile and mutter something polite, but each time a battle rages on internally as to whether I really want to “get into it” with the person in front of me. I know they mean well, and that they’re simply […]

I’ll be whoever you want me to be

One of the challenges of reading a ton of business books is that, when it’s well presented, every idea seems like a good idea. For those who take the “Actionable” concept to heart, this can mean applying concepts to your life or business in an ad-hoc fashion; affixing new processes, styles of thinking or styles of communicating to your current practices based simply on how novel the concept is or how convincing an argument the author has made in her book […]

three hundred and sixty five

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the SHOW! Your show.  365 days that together equal a glorious year of possibility.   2013 is your year.   Why?  Because you choose to make it so.  You choose to stay focused.  To complete (with excellence) the small, incremental steps that will culminate in daring projects. In experiments derived of curiosity and passion.  In realizing never-before-experienced levels of growth and accomplishment. You choose to commit.  To get out […]