Business Glasses

I’m looking into getting some new glasses.  The Optometrist asked if I had hyperopic (farsightedness) or myopic (nearsighted) vision. When you put on your “business glasses”, which one do you suffer from?  Are you living way in the distance, and missing the details?  Or are you so focused on the details you’ve forgot about what you’re really working towards? It’s worth taking some time out every now and then to make sure you’re visiting both.  And, if you’re not, it may be […]

Working with what you’ve got (and understanding your priorities)

I’m recently returned home after spending the weekend in Boston. (My first time) New to the city, I jumped on one of those tourist trolleys that takes you around the city with a live narrator, filling you in on the history as you take in the sites.  Here’s the biggest thing I took from the experience: Boston is a tiny, water locked city.  Barely 2 miles across at it’s widest point, this city has grown and developed over the last […]

Too many choices?

Having polished off Sheena Iyengar’s The Art of Choosing this week, I had some time over the weekend to reflect on the apparent rising trend of “choice” as a topic (either primary or secondary) in a good number of recent, leading business books.  In his latest, Drive, Dan Pink spent a great deal of time discussing “autonomy” and the desire employees have for choice (aka “control) over their time, team, tasks and environment.  Seth Godin wrote Linchpin as a call […]

Both ends of the focus spectrum

This week’s summary article on Focus got me thinking about my own work practices.  In the six hours since I read the article, I’ve been hyper aware of just how many tasks I “work on” at the same time.  A long time ago I read The Myth of Multitasking, which tells us that “multitasking” is actually physically impossible for a human being.  I know this.  And yet I succumb to the urge to have 13 windows open on my desktop […]


The more clearly defined you want something to be, the more sacrifices you’ll be required to make. Let’s look at it in regards to the human body.  The more defined you want your muscles to be, the more selective you need to be with what you eat/drink/do.  Most of us don’t need to be too picky.  But body builders do.  It’s their job to be selective.  They understand the sacrifices that greatness demands. Do you? What kind of a manager […]