Three elements of a tribe

3 elements of a tribe

Being a part of a tribe is almost always exciting for us, in a way that being a part of a company sometimes is not. So what’s that all about? My take is that it’s probably the last piece – the “connected to an idea” part – that is so engaging. That forward momentum that comes from a shared vision of something that’s not quite reality, but within the realm of possibility.

Turn the dreaded Performance Review into an Engagement Tool

Image courtesy of the Institute of Management. “In the world of organizational life, there’s no single discussion that causes so much fear and dread on the boss’s side and so much anger and resentment on the direct report’s side than the performance review” a Forbes article states, listing the “10 Biggest Mistakes Bosses Make In Performance Reviews”. The Wall Street Journal goes as far as asking organizations to “Get Rid of the Performance Review!” because it “destroys morale, kills teamwork and hurts the […]