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It’s that time of year again; the time where, despite the craziness of holiday parties and last minute client proposals, we all take the time (in some way) to reflect on what we’ve accomplished this past year, and what we’re planning for 2015.

As has become a bit of a tradition here at Actionable, I’m sharing my Annual Planning & Review document, in case you find it a useful tool.  As I’ve mentioned once or twice, this is the actual document I use each year.  I haven’t “prettied it up” or altered it anyway. It’s not perfect, it’s not for everyone and you may have a method or model you find much more useful.  Power to you. (and feel free to share a link to your own method in the comments section below!)

I think the vehicle, while useful, it less important than the deliberate act of review and planning, in and of itself.  We’re all so busy throughout the year that, for a lot of us, this (virtually) universal pause on business as usual maybe the only time that naturally presents itself for reflection.  My big suggestion this year – while you’re making 2015 world domination plans, include other review and reflection points in your calendar.  Plan them now, before the busyness of the year swamps you and puts you into reactionary more.

As for “what to do” during those pre-planned sessions, I recommend picking up a copy of Verne Harnish’s latest Scaling Up – a revisit of his classic The Rockefeller Habits – which provides a step by step guide on how to leverage monthly, quarterly and annual strategy sessions.

Make 2015 a year of deliberate action.


If you’re a business consultant planning to take your business to the next level in 2015, you might want to check out the Actionable Consultant Program.  Applications are open for North America and Australia training classes happening this spring.

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