Surfing September

Surf September
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September is off with a bang and, if you’re like most busy professionals, this is go time.  Projects launching, conversations resuming and budget planning on the horizon.  How are you feeling?  It’s an important time of year, these next 4-6 weeks; one that can make or break your 2015, whether you’re in sales, ops, or angling for a promotion in the coming months.  Here are a few of my personal reminders for making the most of it:

  • Focus on the end game.  What are you going to celebrate at the end of the year?  Chances are it requires your focus now.  Get clear on what you’re working towards, and channel your energies into those things daily.  1% gains over the next 100 days (roughly the time between now and Christmas) will accomplish a lot.
  • Less is more.  In addition to the standard busyness, there are a lot of potential distractions this time of year;  conferences, events, “how was your summer” get togethers, and beyond.  It’s extremely easy to stay busy without being productive.  Select the couple of distractions you’re willing to embrace and say no to the rest.  Stay on point.
  • Build in margin.  Things are going to come up.  If your schedule is already packed, you’re not leaving room for spontaneity, unexpected fires or derailments of any kind.  If we want those 1% gains we need to make sure we’re allowing time for them.  As much as possible, try not to book more than 70% of your day.  You’ll still be busy, trust me.

Surf September.  The busyness of this month can drown you or it can propel you forward at greater speeds than virtually any other time of the year.  Follow the steps above and ride the wave.  There will be a lot to celebrate this month, if you set yourself up to embrace it.  Head up, focus on the task at hand and enjoy the ride.

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