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Sometimes it’s just cool.

So, follow this with me, if you will:   1.  I recently reached out to a very cool blogger named Willie Jackson, just to say hey.  (took me 90 seconds) 2. Because Willie is a self pronounced Seth Godin fan (as am I), I made reference in the email to an interview I recently conducted with Seth. (5 seconds) 3.  Willie decided watched the interview and, about three minutes in (from what I can tell), he tweeted about it.  (3 […]

Are you feeling me?

Quick question about social media: When you use it, are you communicating?  or are you connecting? Communication is about facts.  Data, insight.  Sharing links, sending that funny video viral.  Connecting is in the moment, and fairly quickly forgotten under the barrage of more. Connecting is about making someone feel heard.  Understood, appreciated.  Sharing links, and then discussing.  Slowing down long enough to get to know someone.    Connecting is about conversations. I guess the question is, is social media the […]