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It’s the little things

I came across this story this morning and thought it worth sharing: (it’ll take you two minutes to read) I have no idea if @AndyJankowski is a big deal online.  My guess is neither did UPS.  The fact is it doesn’t matter.  From the sounds of the story, the response was personal, genuine and effective.  When your brand is interacting with the “real world” (and if you’re running a real business, then it is), you need to be aware of the impact. […]

The ROI of Employee Engagement

I think the fastest way to kill an idea in business is the question, “What’s the ROI?”  Not because it’s a bad question.  But because it needs to be one of many questions, not the only question.  After all, if we were only looking at ROI, you could ask… What’s the ROI of airbags in cars? What’s the ROI of hosting a Staff Christmas Party? Or my favorite, “What’s the ROI of your mother?” (Thanks to @garyvee for that one.  Apologies […]

Love and Respect

I love our clients. I was reflecting on that, as I drove home from a new client meeting the other day, and got to thinking of how pure the feeling was.  I want them to succeed.  I want desperately to help them achieve their goals of being a strong leader and giving their teams the training they need to succeed.  And I got to thinking about how those feelings really have little to do with me. I’m human.  I’m in sales, and […]