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Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Cleaning up the office over the weekend, I came across an old copy of my notes from The Long Tail.  (It’s a great book – you should 100% check it out if you haven’t already.) One of the ideas I took away from the book is this: “When your content is free, it doesn’t make sense to be boring.” Now, this is probably true with paid products as well, but I’ve got imagine it’s ever more important when you’re competing […]

People Naturally Like David

I hang out with a lot of Entrepreneurs.  Fun crowd too, full of energy and ideas. Particularly with “greener” entrepreneurs, I often hear of tactics they’re using to appear bigger – automated email replies, telephone answering services, 1-800 lines, etc.  While it’s great to create efficiencies where you can, I worry sometimes that in their efforts to appear larger and more established, they can sometimes miss opportunities to embrace their smallness – to use it as an opportunity for real, […]