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Secret Sauce

I’m often asked how I’ve been able to secure interviews with some of the top business book authors of our generation.  So here’s the scoop; the secret sauce on getting interviews with brilliant, busy people: I asked them. Shocking, I know.  There’s really nothing more complicated than that.  A few people never replied to my emails.  One author politely requested that we reschedule in 2014 (yes, really).  But, by and large, the people I’ve been reaching out to have been […]

The ROI of Employee Engagement

I think the fastest way to kill an idea in business is the question, “What’s the ROI?”  Not because it’s a bad question.  But because it needs to be one of many questions, not the only question.  After all, if we were only looking at ROI, you could ask… What’s the ROI of airbags in cars? What’s the ROI of hosting a Staff Christmas Party? Or my favorite, “What’s the ROI of your mother?” (Thanks to @garyvee for that one.  Apologies […]

Riding the line

I believe that one of the reasons people fall flat (in staggering percentages) on their New Years Resolutions goals is that they ride the line too closely. “Riding The Line”:  When your expectations (on yourself or others) is so high that it would take being perfect 99.99% of the time to realize your goals. Jan 3rd I was struck down with a flu.  Even as we speak, I write this in my bathrobe, pounding back DayQuil and Oil of Oregano […]

Exponential Opportunity

If you get a chance to watch this week’s interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, I highly recommend investing the 20 minutes. In addition to his usual engaging personality, he talks about his personal plan to move beyond social media into new product creation; taking what he’s learned from his time in social and applying it to a retail product. It got me thinking… People in the tech space are focused on making tech products. An extremely talented friend of mine is […]