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70% capacity

Last week I wrote about the risk of being totally tapped out (timewise), and a couple strategies I’ve visited lately around getting back into a place of balance between efficiency and creativity. The point about striving for “70% capacity” seemed to resonate. The interesting part about being 70% booked is in the actual breakdown of that. Lets assume that I have 3 priorities this month, and that I work 200 hours this month. Those priorities, in my experience, typically require 1-2 […]

Spring Cleaning

With May practically upon us (how did that happen?), and the summer just around the corner, we’ve decided to focus this weeks collection of articles on Personal Productivity and Organization. How do the two relate, you might ask? For most industries, the summer is slow. Business deals drag, product launches are few and far between and you get as many “out of office alerts” as you do actual email responses. Which means we’re entering the perfect time of year for a little […]