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On a monthly basis, I spend a day on strategy and planning for the following 30 days. I map out my priorities – my “quadrant 2”, important-but-not-as-urgent tasks that I want to make sure receive the proper attention in the busyness of the days ahead. But what exactly is “proper attention”?

It’s going to happen

There was a point though – a couple of weeks ago – where I seriously started to wonder how it was all going to get done. Breathing into the proverbial paper bag, I almost convinced myself that I wouldn’t get it done. That I’d show up to one of those events completely unprepared and be booed off stage; forever branded as a fraud and a failure…

70% capacity

Last week I wrote about the risk of being totally tapped out (timewise), and a couple strategies I’ve visited lately around getting back into a place of balance between efficiency and creativity. The point about striving for “70% capacity” seemed to resonate. The interesting part about being 70% booked is in the actual breakdown of that. Lets assume that I have 3 priorities this month, and that I work 200 hours this month. Those priorities, in my experience, typically require 1-2 […]