007 – Branding from the Inside Out

Branding from the Inside Out with Denise Lee Yohn

How does clarifying company purpose help to establish a clear, resonant brand? In the first of three episodes focusing on branding in the 21st century, Denise Lee Yohn, author of What Great Brands Do, stops by to discuss branding from the inside out. We discuss:

  • Why we need to reframe branding and who should be involved in that conversation
  • The blurring of the lines between consumers and employees
  • Practical tips individuals who own a company or lead a team can employ to create a brand with a devoted fan base
  • Why it’s important to clarify the legacy you want to leave
  • Trends vs Movements (and which of the two you should ignore)
  • Segmenting the market by needs
  • How customer intimacy creates a strong bond
  • The competitive landscape map

Discover how you can reframe your brand to start taking control of your brand now no matter the size of your organization.

Actionable Quote
“It requires an entire organization embracing the brand and everyone understanding their role in interpreting and reinforcing the brand in everything they do.” —Denise Lee Yohn [Click to Tweet]


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