008 – Who Do We Trust to Tweet?

Who Do We Trust to Tweet?

What is it to put social media tools in the hands of your employees? In the second episode of our look at authentic branding we are joined by Pam Ross (Principal and Chief Experience Officer at Pam Ross Consulting) and Leslie Newhall (VP of Human Resources and Training at The Source) to discuss the mentality you need to bring to the table as a decision maker when you trust the people who work for you to represent your brand to the greater good. In our 30 minutes we touch upon:

  • The wide range of approaches that companies are taking in terms of empowering employees with social media
  • How Leslie introduced ‘Social Media Reminders’ with her employees, giving them a voice on social media when they didn’t have one before
  • The structure and process you might want to put in place
  • The pros and cons of allowing your employees to represent your brand on social media
  • Bricks and mortar vs digital engagement
  • What happens when an employee has a presence in the digital space and then they move up in the organization or move on?

Social media is a reflection of the culture that is developing internally, and putting social media tools in the hands of your employees can ultimately drive employee engagement.

Actionable Quotes
“Some companies are still afraid of the risks but there is such a huge opportunity to unleash your employees to reflect the positive things about your brand.” —Pam Ross [Click to Tweet]

“You have to be kidding yourself if you think employees aren’t participating [in social media] anyway.” —Leslie Newhall [Click to Tweet]


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