027 – Autonomous Work Environments

Autonomous Work Environments with Julie Clow

We’re coming to the end of our three episode arc on 21st century workspaces, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to conclude things with than Julie Clow. Clow is the author of The Work Revolution, a book that seeks to change “the way the world seeks work.” Julie stops by to discuss autonomous work environments, and highlights of our conversation include:

  • Why mess with the traditional 9-to-5 approach of work in an office?
  • What are some alternatives in how we structure our work environment?
  • How you can make an impact regardless of your place on the hierarchy and the importance of asking why
  • How can you get the conversation started?
  • Being the positive deviance for the rest of the organization
  • The rules of the past vs the rules of the future

We hope our 33 minutes with Julie will inspire you to see the potential in escaping the traditional drywall cubicle.

Actionable Quote
“It starts with empowering employees and trusting them from the very first day they start their jobs.” [Click to Tweet]


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