032 – We All Want to Create Meaning at Work

We All Want to Create Meaning with Chuck Blakeman

We’re all motivated in the same way: we want to create meaning at work. Chuck Blakeman, author of Making Money is Killing Your Business and Why Employees Are Always A Bad Idea, has devoted his career to helping companies move from the industrial age into the participation age. Highlights of our conversation with Chuck include:

  • What is the participation age and why should we embrace it?
  • The participation age isn’t new and the companies that have been employing this mindset for quite some time
  • Why we’re built to be owners and not employees
  • The differences between a participation age company and an industrial age company
  • Why healthy participation age companies need the management function but not managers
  • Why ownership is the most powerful motivator in business
  • How to move your company from the industrial age to the participation age

Chuck’s passion is infectious, and his words serve as a great reminder of the notion that when we have a stake in the outcome of something, we’re going to care more about it.

Actionable Quote
“We have to believe that everyone at work wants to participate in the building of a great company and share in the results.” [Click to Tweet]

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