047 – Turning Everyday Insights Into the Next Big Thing

Turning Everyday Insights Into the Next Big Thing

In her new book, Hunch, Bernadette Jiwa explores the creative dearth that our distracted society is creating. She examines “innovation icons” like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk for the common trends they share. But then, and this is the exciting bit, Bernadette shows example after example of “ordinary geniuses”—people like you and me —who are creating their own breakthrough innovation, leveraging a simple set of practical tools that we can all benefit from. In this episode of The 21st Century Workplace, we discuss:

  • The limiting belief we have around what genius actually is
  • How we can reduce distractions to broaden our curiosity
  • Why a Hunch = Insight + Foresight
  • The subtle (but very important) distinction between Ideas and Opportunities
  • The winning combination of Curiosity, Empathy and Imagination

This conversation will leave you with some invaluable tips on how you can turn your everyday insights into the next big thing.

Actionable Quote
“I often wonder what Steve Jobs would think if he was transported down here now and how he would feel about what we’re all doing. He was probably the last person who want to have his head down. He was as curious as a Meerkat.”

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