048 – What’s Your Leadership ROI?

What's Your Leadership ROI?

We’re delighted to welcome Mike Figliuolo, author and founder/managing director of thoughtLEADERS, to The 21st Century Workplace Podcast. With his first book, One Piece of Paper, Figliuolo helped us craft a simple and robust leadership philosophy. In his sophomore effort, Lead Inside the Box, co-authored by Victor Prince, Figliulo shifts his focus to “how smart leaders guide their teams to exceptional results”. During our chat we dive into many areas, including:

  • What it was like co-writing a book virtually with someone he hadn’t met in person
  • Triaging where you invest your time as a leader
  • The Box performance matrix (and how we can best leverage it)
  • How much time should we allow between performance reviews?
  • Defining Leadership Capital
  • Why if something you say during a performance review surprises your direct report, you’ve failed as a leader

At first blush some of the ideas discussed in this conversation may sound a little counterintuitive, but we’re certain that they will help you better invest your time as a leader.

Actionable Quote
“We’re encouraging leaders to be much more thoughtful about how they invest that really scarce resource: their time.”

The Free Lead Inside the Box Assessment
The Box (performance matrix)
One Piece of Paper summary

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