001 – Creating a Great Body of Work

How do we regain the enthusiasm for the work that we’re involved in? On the premiere episode of The 21st Century Workplace, we’re joined by two experts in the field of doing work that matters: Michael Bungay Stanier (author of Do More Great Work; creator of the The Great Work MBA and Box of Crayons) and Pamela Slim (consultant/speaker; author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work). We discuss how leaders can create opportunities for doing great work, but also our own personal responsibility for finding growth opportunities in the work experience we have, both good and bad.

We also explore:

  • the definition of a body of work
  • the benefit for companies from an ROI standpoint to focus on great work
  • the difference between good work and great work
  • creating an environment that allows people to pursue great work that advances their body of work
  • how can leaders who don’t have the budget to bring in a Pam Slim or a Michael Bungay Stanier can start the conversation with their direct reports to help give them more opportunity pursue doing work that matters, and much more.

Join us for 37 actionable minutes of powerful lessons, many of which are instantly applicable and will get you thinking about the sort of impact you want to have in the world.

Actionable Quote
“A body of work is everything we create, contribute, effect, and impact throughout the course of our lives.” —Pamela Slim [Click to Tweet]

“If you want a group of people working with you and for you and around you who are engaged, who are committed, who find purpose in the work, then you’ve got to be focused on the balance between good work and great work.” –Michael Bungay Stanier [Click to Tweet]





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