009 – Finding Your Authentic Voice

Finding Your Authentic Voice

How do you as an individual–whether as a business owner or a corporate employee–find your own authentic voice? In the third and final episode of our look at authentic branding, Sally Hogshead, author of “How the World Sees You”, joins us to discuss your own personal brand and how to build that authentically.

008 – Who Do We Trust to Tweet?

Who Do We Trust to Tweet?

What is it to put social media tools in the hands of your employees? In the second episode of our look at authentic branding we are joined by Pam Ross (Principal and Chief Experience Officer at Pam Ross Consulting) and Leslie Newhall (VP of Human Resources and Training at The Source) to discuss the mentality you need to bring to the table as a decision maker when you trust the people who work for you to represent your brand to the greater good.

007 – Branding from the Inside Out

Branding from the Inside Out with Denise Lee Yohn

How does clarifying company purpose help to establish a clear, resonant brand? In the first of three episodes focusing on branding in the 21st century, Denise Lee Yohn, author of “What Great Brands Do”, stops by to discuss branding from the inside out.

006 – Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand with Srini Rao

How do you draw a line in the sand and define the people you want in your tribe? Srini Rao, author of “The Art of Being Unmistakable” and creator of the Unmistakable Creative podcast, is our guest for the third installment in our look at building a tribe.

005 – Project Based Tribes

Project Based Tribes with Seth Godin

It takes a village to build anything of note. In the second installment of our look at building a tribe, we couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to join us than the inimitable Seth Godin, author of “Tribes” and many other classics. In this candid and illuminating interview, Seth discusses the importance of tribes in helping spread your ideas.