004 – Tribes and Quests

Tribes and Quests with Chris Guillebeau

How do you find meaning in an information saturated world? In the first of our three part look at building a tribe, we are joined by Chris Guillebeau, whose latest book, The Happiness of Pursuit, is currently burning up the charts. Chris discusses the nature of tribes and quests and how to leverage both. We also touch upon:

  • Chris’s quest to travel to every country of the world and how that inspired his latest book—and why it was the most difficult to write
  • Why his latest book was the most difficult to write
  • The importance of having specific goals over generic goals in quests
  • What role do family and friends play in quests? And what do you if they don’t understand?
  • How do we build a community of supporters who see the world the same way you do?
  • Bridging the gap between a digital and a physical presence with his hugely successful World Domination Summit

How will you tap into a community who shares your passion?

Actionable Quote
“A quest is not a quest unless it is specific and measurable.” —Chris Guillebeau [Click to Tweet]


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