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Joel D Canfield

Joel D Canfield Actionable Writer

"Generosity is your greatest marketing tool. Any decision you make based on money is wrong. Measure your wealth by how much time you spend doing what you love. Love people. They need it."

A little more about me...

I'm a creative who works mostly with words, sometimes accompanied by music. I write because I have to, and I have very little patience with money and its attendant issues. Not precisely minimalist (I own more musical instruments than most folks) but I prefer the simplest life I can arrange.

Two years ago my Best Beloved and I left our home behind to travel full time throughout the US and Canada with our Little One. We now live 40 miles from where I was born. We might stay awhile, though eventually we'll settle permanently in Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Rice Lake, Wisconsin is about 2 hours NE of St. Paul, 7 hours NNW of Chicago, and 4 hours south of the Canadian border.

I write mysteries and business books. I help others get their books out of the 'someday' box with coaching and publishing assistance. I've been a web designer for more than 15 years.

I love discussing books, and taking practical action from the lessons I learn, but I'm very good at creating an echo chamber in my work. Hearing other voices is critical to my personal growth.

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