Actionable Books

About Us

Actionable Books was born out of the idea that ideas are only valuable when applied.

Access over 1,100 summaries of the world’s best business books in bite-size format for free at Actionable Books.  Each summary consists of a brief overview of the book, one key message and two ways you can easily integrate that message into your life in 5 minutes or less.  New summaries are being added every week – sign up for free to get them “hot off the press”… and into your inbox.  

How we started

In 2008, founder Chris Taylor embarked on a quest to read one personal development book a week for an entire year. Knowing how quickly amazing ideas tend to evaporate once a book has been read cover to cover and consigned to the shelf, he decided to distill the idea that resonated most strongly with him into a summary so others can benefit with insights that can applied in five minutes. About the time it takes to sip your morning cup of coffee.