Andrew Sobel

Andrew Sobel is the leading authority on the strategies and skills required to build clients for life and develop trusted business relationships. The most widely published author in the world on this topic, he has written four acclaimed, bestselling books: Power Questions, All for One, Making Rain, and Clients for Life. His newest book, Power Questions, shows how to use powerful, thought-provoking questions to win new business, build relationships and influence others. For the last year, Power Questions has continuously been one of the top 30 bestselling new business books in the United States according to Bookscan, and the number one bestselling book on communications in the Amazon Kindle Store. All for One was voted one of the top 10 sales and marketing books of the decade by a major marketing publication. His books have been translated into a dozen different languages and distributed globally. Andrew has also published over 100 articles and contributed chapters to four books on leadership, strategy, and marketing.

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