Angela Paccione

Angela Paccione Ph.D. From Australia to Egypt to China and across the US, Angie inspires leaders at Fortune 200 organizations by unleashing the potential in each of them, providing tools to help them accelerate their business results and create even stronger work teams, families and communities. Since joining Verus Global in 2007, Angie has served top leadership teams and organizations who are motivated to improve their capability and the culture of their workplace. Her energetic approach and library of compelling stories has helped her to build a worldwide network of amazing individuals committed to building people, partnerships and performance in every interaction. Her inspiring facilitation style and desire to serve others has led to her popularity as a keynote and motivational speaker. I have a passion to serve people by doing whatever I can to unleash their greatness. In addition to her transformational sessions, Angie supports our facilitators in accelerating their ability to serve client-partners even more. More about Angie: Growing up biracial in New York City, Angie gained an early interest in diversity and earned her Ph.D. in Education and Human Resources Studies on that subject. Her dissertation, Multicultural perspective transformation: Developing a commitment to diversity, examined the experiences of individuals who developed personal commitments to diversity-related issues. She was raised to believe you could accomplish anything you set your mind to. Her lengthy list of varied accomplishments proves she lives this philosophy. A college basketball player at Stanford University and professional basketball player in the 1980s, Angie became a high school coach, teacher and administrator before earning her Ph.D. and joining the faculty of Colorado State University. During her 9 years in higher education, she served as a teacher educator in the Project Promise program, a nationally recognized program of excellence in teacher preparation for mid-career professionals. Angie was elected to two terms in the Colorado House of Representatives, rising to become House Majority Caucus Chair. She served on the Committee for Business Affairs for all four years in the legislature, helping to guide the business environment for the state of Colorado. In 2006, she was a candidate for U.S. Congress and came within 2.5% of unseating the incumbent. Angie left politics to join Verus Global. When she s not working, Angie can be found reading, traveling, enjoying theatre or films or gardening. She counts her family among her greatest blessings.

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