Harrison Monarth

Harrison Monarth is the Founder and President of GuruMaker – School of Professional Speaking, a high-impact communications consulting firm that counts Fortune 500 executives, professionals and political candidates as clients. Through GuruMaker, he has assembled a select team of coaches, trainers and behavior change experts, who work together to help clients overcome their most challenging communication issues and influence important events through the skill of public discourse. Dubbed The Speakinator by one of his enthusiastic clients, Harrison has been a sought-after authority in the field of confidential executive presentation coaching for more than a decade. He has helped executives and corporate leaders from top companies throughout Europe and the United States prepare and deliver crucial business presentations. He advises companies on their communication and media strategies and helps executives craft compelling messages to the public. He is a specialist in persuasive communication and reducing conflict and crisis through effective messaging, and is frequently called upon when the stakes are high and audiences need persuading.

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