Shannon M. Tobin

As a professional speaker, author, transition coach and mother, Shannon M. Tobin has worked hard to transform her life into one solely based on a positive and empowering model. Using the metaphor of a butterfly, Shannon is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential and discover a dream lifestyle based on a personal journey of spiritual and emotional growth. Freedom to be, do, have, live, give and receive are the fundamental ideals Shannon lives by each day and will use to help you discover your own personal flight pattern.Placing a large emphasis on her role as both a mother and a mentor to woman, Shannon looked as though she had it all. On paper, her life appeared to be stimulating and rewarding as a recognized Top Director at a global cosmetic company, a position she attained through over 21 years of hard work along with her community involvement and family life. However the endless feelings of not living true to herself, and conforming to the mold of others, made her feel more alone and unfulfilled. Trapped in what can now be seen as a toxic marriage, Shannon recognized her responsibilities as a mother and role model to break free and like a butterfly, to soar freely through the sky and capitalize on her individual strengths to improve life for both herself and her son. Shannon went from surviving to thriving each day by first breaking the mold of conformity, which gave her the platform to create and live a dream lifestyle that she now wants to pass on to others by sharing her story with you.Looking to give back, Shannon now run’s a variety of workshops to help other individuals by sharing her journey and teaching the tools that can transform your life with a new and meaningful outlook. As author of the self-help book Transformation, Shannon has created the Dare To Be You Foundation, with the mission of helping to empower women who will then be able to pass that on to the next generation so they too can discover their strength, skills, and talents that make them happy. Dare To Be You focuses on being a constructive outlet for parents and teens to learn about themselves and build the tools for a successful future. The foundation also aims to help both men and women who have been victims of abuse to re-discover their own sense of self-worth, and like a caterpillar inside a cocoon, to re-emerge as a stronger, wiser, and more beautiful creature.

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