A new addition to the Actionable Family

Published on
October 27, 2015
Chris Taylor
"Ideas are only valuable when applied."
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Back in April I announced that we’d be splitting ActionableBooks.com into multiple sites this year. At long last, I’m delighted to officially announce the launch of ActionableConsultant.com – an Actionable website specifically designed for business consultants looking to grow their practices beyond the glass ceiling of trading time for dollars.

As Actionable continues to grow and evolve, we’re becoming more targeted in the content and tools we bring to you, and more deliberate in how we organize that content so you can find the most relevant content for you and your unique needs.

ActionableConsultant.com will house not only book summaries and author interviews specific to the unique needs of business, leadership and culture consultants, but also:

  • industry reports and white papers,
  • interactive tools for planning and actioning the growth of your practice
  • regular webinars on the changing consultant landscape
  • more insight into our globally recognized Actionable Consultant Program (ACP)
  • and more

The site is just getting off the ground, and already we have over 100 useful and insightful pieces there. If you’re a business consultant, I hope you enjoy perusing the collection. Also, you’ll want to subscribe to the list on the new site, as we’ll be sending monthly updates on the new resources available to you – all free, all the time.

The launch of ActionableConsultant.com marks an exciting milestone in the growth of the Actionable family. I couldn’t be more proud of the team here, and delighted with the calibre of consultant and leader I have the privilege of meeting on a daily basis through this committed and talented community.

Thanks for being here.